Top Recommendations

Review CriteriaAcclivity AccountEdge (Canada)ClearbooksFreeAgent CentralSolar AccountsWave Accounting
SuiteDesktopCloud Business Management SuiteCloud Business Management SuiteDesktopCloud / Account Aggregator
Year End RollbackYesYesYesYesYes
Windows/MacEither, Datafiles InterchangeableCloudCloudInterchangeableWeb based
Multi-userYes: up to15 PC users/ 10 Mac usersYesYesNoYes
Tax ComplianceCan be adapted to UK VATGoodExcellentGoodSome
How is the software paid forProprietory: one off fee (separate optional upgrade charges)Compulsory RentalCompulsory RentalProprietory: one off fee (incl upgrades)Free
Drill downGoodYesYesYesYes
Ledger BasedYesYesYesYesYes
NetworkableYesCloud / modular productCloudYesWeb
Hosted versionNon/an/aNoYes
Import/ExportYesBank import. CSV, Excel exportYesCSV onlyBank import. CSV, Excel export
Multi currencyYesYesYesNoYes
Work from SAL templateYesNoNoYesNo
Links to other softwareMS Office, Apple Mail/Calendar, ODBC.Yes wide variety of online apps + CSV/Exceliphone Apps, wide variety of online appsSage, Email, pdf and Excel.Mobile phone. Shoebox, Etsy, Paypal.
Moving datafileYesExport online transactions via CSV/ ExcelExport online transactions via CSV/ ExcelYesNo
Data usable offsiteYesMobile Phone appMobile Phone appYesNo
HelpdeskMYOBUG provides a data repair service as backupYesYesYesEmail/Phone
Partner SchemeNoneSmallLargeSmallNo
AdvantagesFamiliar to MYOB users ODBC compliant. Available on PC and Mac. Data can be upgraded from an MYOB file for a modest fee.Modest pricing. Account Aggregator. PAYE, VAT, multicurrency. Corp tax estimates. Cheaper than other competitors and has more functionality. Autocategorisation.Very easily used. Aggregates Accounts remotely: Autocategorisation.Operates much like MYOB. Support for CIS and VAT. Amendable invoices. Emailable statements. Interchangeable Mac to/from PC.Account aggregation avoids need for heavy bookkeeping. Amendable transactions with separate verify function. Sales and Purchase ledgers. Easy split: business to personal.
DisadvantagesProblems with UK registrations because not positively sold in the UK.Limited reports. Data will not be accessibleif you cease renting.PriceyNo multiple user access. No stock control, budgets or payroll. No comparisons between windows. Not as easy as Acclivity.No bank register, No categorisation rules. No Budgets.
Cost excl VATUS $399 single user US $899 for six user system Template datafile £200 Free for Business Companion clients.From £5 per month Free for Business Companion clients.From £30 plus VATSingle user: £174 download. £125 for software including CD. Free for Business Companion clients.Free
RecommendationGood for larger PC networks with complex stock control requirements. Gorgeous interface. Particularly good for MYOB users.Ideal for customers who have simpler affairs and prefer an online rental solution to manage their business.Ideal for customers who have simpler affairs and are less familiar with bookkeepingVery easy to use. Good option for small PC users not familiar with MYOB.Best as an alternative to a spreadsheet if you have limited number of transactions mixed between business and personal. Easy to use.