Purchase order part 1

Review CriteriapurchAce RECOMMENDEDclientEM Purchase ManagerTurbineOrderGeniPurchase OrderPurchasing ToolpackPO Express
System TypeSoftwareSoftwareOnlineSoftwareBrowserExcel AddonOnline
Advantages/FeaturesEasy to use system. Good approval process. Multi user access. Staff can only view their created PO's.Manage PO's. Stringent approval process. Good workflows. Multi user access.Expense claims, Holiday requests, appraisal records, PO's.Create and manage purchase orders•Browser based self hosted script. •Good approval options.Excel templates. No significant training required after install.Purchase Orders issuance is controlled by pre-defined per-user approval levels; employees without approval authority may request PO's via the same web based interface that will instantly route PO's to the defined approvers e-mail inbox.
Disadvantages All staff can view PO's regardless of who create them.Online solution only Need webserver/hosting to run script.Not sure if multi user or single user licence?Online solution only
Export/ImportExports to Accounting packages using CSV export.Exports to Accounting packages using CSV export. TBC?YESTBC
Websiteassist-it.co.ukclientem.comturbinehq.comaasdt.comipurchaseorder.combuyer analytics.compoexpress.net
Price£249 per workstation + £49 annual support/service£990 10 user licence$29.99 per month$129.99 single user licence$249.95 One off$49.00$399/p/m 10 users