Review CriteriaCheckout POS RECOMMENDEDEasify 2009LightSpeed POSMamut POS
Windows/ MacMacWindowsMacWindows
How is the software paid forProprietoryProprietoryProprietoryProprietory
Drill downYesNot on reportsYesYes
Multi currencyn/an/an/an/a
Links to other softwareYesYes, integrated EPOS systemYesYes
HelpdeskPhone and EmailPhone and EmailOnline, US phonePhone and Email
AdvantagesLarge customer base, good screen layout and very easy to use. Good screen layout. Built in stock control, CRM and EPOS system. Three tiered pricing for each stock item. Good value for money.Amendability of invoices, iPod style layout which is appealing to users, and ability of up scaling operations. Large customer base, good screen layout and very easy to use.
DisadvantagesNot amendableLimited accounting reports, no chart of accounts. Limited VAT reporting, no cash accounting.Fairly priceyCostly agreement fee.
Cost329 Euro£99 per user$795.00£399 plus £13/month Service Agreement