Desktop software: C

Review CriteriaConnected Precision ERPCoronaCompu-ex Express AccountingDatafile
Year End RollbackNoNoYesn/a
Windows/ MacBothBothWindowsWindows
Tax ComplianceFairPoorFairGood
Payrolln/aNo (US Only)No?
How is the software paid forProprietoryProprietoryFreeProprietory
Drill downYes, but not on reportsYesNoYes
Ledger BasedPartialYesYesYes
Hosted versionNoNoNoYes
Multi currencyYesYesNoYes
Work from SAL templaten/aYes?Yes
Links to other softwaren/aMac addressbook?
Moving datafilen/aNoYesYes
Datafile usable offsiten/aNoYesYes
Partner SchemePartialNoNo?
AdvantagesLarger scale mac alternative to MYOB and Quickbooks.Amendable.Ledger based. Free, handles sales tax/VAT 
DisadvantagesNot amendable. Interface is too hard for those who are used to MYOB.Very fiddly and complex. Lightweight.Difficult to find transactions. No automatic supplier, customer account creation. No drill down. Difficult interface. Incomplete reports. Drill down. Annoying lockups
Cost excl VATN/A$64.95From FREEFrom £300