Desktop software: A

Review CriteriaABC6AcceptumAccess AccountingAcclivity AccountEdge (Canada) RECOMMENDEDAccomplish Cash Manager StandardAccountMate 8AccountzAppgen Mybooks
Year End Rollback?NoNoInterchangeableNoYesYesYes
Windows/ MacWindowsWindowsWindowsInterchangeableWindowsWindowsInterchangeableBoth
Multi-userYesn/aYesYes: up to15 PC users/ 10 Mac usersNoYesYesYes
Tax ComplianceYesPoorGoodCan be adapted to UK VATGoodGoodPoor
PayrollOptionalNoAdd-onNoneNoNoNoNo (US Only)
How is the software paid forProprietoryProprietoryProprietoryProprietory: one off feeProprietoryProprietoryProprietoryProprietory
Drill downPartialYesYesGoodYes but not available from within reportsYesYesYes
Ledger BasedYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Hosted versionNoYesYesNoYesNoNoNo
Import/Export?YesYesYesExcel, CSVYesTo be introducedYes
Multi currencyNon/aYesYesNoYesOptionalNo
Work from SAL templateYesn/aYesYesYesYesYes?
Links to other softwareHas internal spreadsheet and word processorNot easyMS OfficeMS Office, PdfNoLarge range of US software integration.ExcelQuickbooks, Sage
Moving datafileYesNot easyYesYesYesYesBy backup/ emailYes
Datafile usable offsiteYesYesYesMYOBUG provides a data repair serviceYesYesYesYes
HelpdeskYesNoYesNoneYesYes (US)YesYes (US)
Partner SchemeTiny?YesNoYesYesSmallYes
AdvantagesLedger based menusAmendable.Good functionality. Amendable.Familiar to MYOB users ODBC compliant. Available on PC and Mac. Data can be upgraded from an MYOB file.Three companies as standard. VAT. Highly customizable, One click VAT. Amendable. Linux interchangeable. Additional options available between £85 and £400.Look and feel is similar to MYOB.
DisadvantagesNot amendableHard to use the ledger analysis. Complex modular costing.Awkward navigation. Expensive.Problems with UK registrations because of a non-compete agreement.No multi user access. No general ledger in the UK.Fairly expensive modular system. Only works natively on windows.Interface ‘from’ and ‘to’ are a bit like Debit and Credit, not easy for user. Not enough visual clues. Not being upgraded very regularly. Not amendable. software/acclivity.phpaccomplishglobal
Cost excl VAT£600N/A£5000-£10,000US $399 single user US $899 for six user system Template datafile £200 All free for SALclients.From £235$1,000- $7,000Single user: £120. £99 per extra user.$79.00