Cloud: F to I

Review CriteriaFreeAgent Central RECOMMENDEDFreshBooksMighty OakIAC-EZInvoiceraIRIS OpenBooks
Year End RollbackYesNoNoNoYes
Windows/ MacWeb basedWeb basedWeb basedWeb basedWeb based
Tax ComplianceGoodPoorFairPoorGood
PayrollYesNoUS OnlyNoNo
How is the software paid forRentalRentalRentalRentalRental
Drill downYesYesYesYesYes
Ledger BasedYesNoYesNoYes
Hosted versionn/an/an/an/an/a
Multi currencyComing soonYesYesYesComing soon
Work from SAL templateYesNoNoNoYes
Links to other softwareiphone Appsiphone App, integrates with many other apps such as salesforce, outright, xero.FreshbooksIntegrates with many other Google Apps.iphone Apps, Iris AP
Moving datafileCSVCSVCSVCSVNo
Datafile usable offsiteNoNoNoNoNo
Partner SchemeSmallSmallSmallSmallSmall
AdvantagesBusiness Tax Calculation. Intuitative, easy access. Online VAT filing. Online invoicing and billing. Iphone App, send paid printed invoices direct from the account (paid option within US). Easy to use and navigate around the screen. Good functionality for small businesses.Online invoicing and billing.Business Tax Calculation. Intuitative, easy access. A re-badged version of FreeAgent Central. Online VAT filing.
DisadvantagesCannot add nominal coding.Limited accounting functionality.Some feature access quite flaky. Currently only US customers allowed access.Limited accounting functionality.Cannot add nominals coding.
Cost per person per monthFrom £30$39.95 £10 per additional user$19.95$19.95 / monthFrom £15